FreeStyle Optium


With biosensor technology used by hospitals worldwide, the FreeStyle Optium System can also test for blood ketone to assist in sick day management.

Test Strips designed for
Ease and accuracy
The FreeStyle Optium Neo meter is compatible with FreeStyle Optium test strips. These test strips feature:
Small sample size – only 0.6 µL
Individual wrapping for easy testing on the go
No coding – one less step
Blood Ketone Testing (uses same FreeStyle Optium β-Ketone test strips as FreeStyle Optium Meter):
1.5 µL sample size
10 second test time
Individually foil-wrapped test strips
Has a 30 second reapplication time


The FreeStyle Optium can store up to 450 events, including control solution, blood glucose and blood β-Ketone results. 

The FreeStyle Optium has a rolling memory; once you reach 450 events, the oldest event is replaced with a new reading. 

Clinical testing demonstrates that altitudes up to 2,195 metres (7,200 feet) above sea level does not affect the FreeStyle Optium's results.

The FreeStyle Optium meter is supplied only in the UK and Republic of Ireland with the unit of measure as: mmol/L

After a test on the FreeStyle Optium, if the reading is 'HI', this means your reading is higher than 27.8 mmol/L

This sounds like the 'Battery Icon'. Your battery is getting low and needs replacing as soon as possible.

E-1 usually means the FreeStyle Optium is either too hot or too cold to work correctly. Move the meter and test strips to a location where the temperature is within test strip operating range.

The FreeStyle Optium requires 1 x CR2032 v3 Lithium battery.

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