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Designed for the Insulin User, FreeStyle Optium Neo’s insulin support features and blood glucose trend indicators help you and your doctor take a more active approach towards your diabetes management and insulin therapy.

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Test Strips designed for
Ease and accuracy
The FreeStyle Optium Neo meter is compatible with FreeStyle Optium test strips. These test strips feature:
Small sample size – only 0.6 µL
Individual wrapping for easy testing on the go
No coding – one less step
Blood Ketone Testing (uses same FreeStyle Optium β-Ketone test strips as FreeStyle Optium Meter):
1.5 µL sample size
10 second test time
Individually foil-wrapped test strips
Has a 30 second reapplication time


The FreeStyle family of products is designed to make it easy to stay on top of your health with user-friendly data management software.
Download the FreeStyle Auto-Assist Neo Software solution onto your desktop.
Snapshot – Overview of blood glucose trend
Modal Day – Spot trends by time of day
Daily Log – shows all blood glucose results & other values such as insulin doses or blood ketone results.
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If a blood glucose result is 13.3 mmol/L or higher, KET will blink three times on the screen. If you have been advised by your healthcare professional to test for ketones, now may be the time to do so. Always follow your Healthcare Professionals advice on when to test for ketones.

1.1 mmol/L - 27.8 mmol/L

Up to 1,000 events, including blood glucose, ketone and control solution results, insulin doses and other meter information can be saved in the meter's memory.

A reading in the meter's memory that flashes between a result and "Ctl" means this reading was recorded as a Control Solution Result.

If you have had two low results occurring in a five-day period and both are with the same three-hour time period. The meter will display a blinking red arrow to show a Low Trend.

When you open a control solution bottle for the first time, count forward 90 days and write this date on the control solution bottle. Throw away any remaining solution after this date.

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Test Strips

Ensure the most accurate of results with our FreeStyle Test Strips.

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Data Management

Accurately review, analyse and evaluate your blood glucose information with our FreeStyle Auto-Assist Software.

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